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  • "I am a Registered Nurse and a Nursing Supervisor at a local hospital. During my twenty seven years of nursing services here, I have had many opportunities to have interactions and observations of many doctors. This is why nurses know which doctor to go to when needed, or to refer a family member to. I had been having pain when walking for a couple years which gradually got to the point of having to be seen about this. I immediately chose Dr. McCourt and not regretted it for one minute. I have watched him in action with some very complicated surgeries. I watch his communications with the patients and nurses. I watch the immediate recovery of the patients. Dr. McCourt is a very caring person. He individualizes care and is patient in his explanations regarding the problem, the treatment, and the recovery.
    I had surgery on March 7, 2014 and he is very happy with my progress, and so am I.
    Granted I won't be dancing, hiking or playing tennis for a while, but that is the trade-off for the repair. There is always the possibilities of complications which he explained to me very clearly. Fortunately, I had none. 
    I definitely would encourage anyone with foot issues to make an appointment with 
    Dr. McCourt. He is awesome. His staff is pretty awesome also."


  • "My middle-aged sister's little toe had mysteriously migrated a few inches up toward her ankle. It was painful and it impossible for her to wear a shoe comfortably or even walk a shopping mall. Her general practitioner referred her to a podiatrist, who suggested she get bigger shoes and said he could not help her any further. I became her advocate and accompanied her to a second podiatrist appointment. Again, this doctor was at a loss and said he could not help either. 
    We asked the second podiatrist for a referral to somebody that might be able to provide a diagnosis, as my sister's quality of life was seriously compromised. He suggested the local, what I like to call "Big-Box Orthopedics Center." I was familiar with this money-mill from family members' experiences there - the progressive and impersonal appointments, the repeating of the ailment to each new "specialist," the long anticipation of eventually working up to an actual surgeon. We asked for a different referral.  This is when we were given the name of Dr. Michael J. McCourt, DPM.  
    Dr. McCourt took a genuine interest in my sister's ailment. Although he had never seen a case like hers, he was not afraid to tackle it. Dr. McCourt took the time to fully answer any questions my sister or I had, and involved her in the decision-making every step of the way. Through Dr. McCourt, we learned that she'd broken a bone in her foot several years back (without knowing it.) After years of pain and compensating for the break, her toe and heel, along with tendons had overcompensated and become repositioned and crooked
    Dr. McCourt performed a complicated several hour-long surgery on my sister's foot, ankle and calf repositioning everything to as close as it could be to normal. She is now on the road to recovery. 
    Dr. McCourt and his staff provided personable, quality, care for my sister.  When she asked him to call me after surgery, Dr. McCourt did so and left me his cell number in case I had further questions. Even if I set aside the positive experience of working with Dr. McCourt and his staff, his stellar surgical skills alone would be worth seeing him. I am grateful that there are still independent doctors such as Dr. Michael McCourt, and would highly recommend him for any podiatry needs."

  • "...It has been a year since my surgery for a broken calcaneus. I am most happy with my foot, which looks normal, works normally, and is almost pain-free. Dr. McCourt never viewed the injury as a potential disability but just helped me get my active lifestyle back. He and all of the staff really cared for me and were very supportive of my need to do things my own way. They always responded to my various issues with kind and clever ways to make things work better for me in my year of recovery. Their new office with upgraded equipment shows me their great energy for improvement, and Dr. McCourt has the kind of diligent, tireless effort for doing things well that inspires confidence. Highly recommended for any foot or ankle issue."


  • "...I am an avid runner/athlete and mother of two. I was referred to Dr. McCourt after rolling my ankle in a VB match resulting in a chipped ankle bone.  I had Anthroscopic surgery by Dr. McCourt  to repair the damages.  He was awesome. Due to my impatient personality and eagerness to get back into racing and playing sports, Dr. McCourt suggested a fairly new procedure as an alternative to steroid injections. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy a miraculous invention done in the office only taking about 30 min. After my therapy, a series of 3 injections once a week for 3 weeks, was over I was shocked at how much my ankle had improved. I was back to running/training on a regular basis. I ran my first race that November which was my goal, and came home with a prize to share with Dr. McCourt and the ladies in his office. I would and have suggested Dr. McCourt to friends and family. He doesn't beat around the bush about procedures and recovery and is also an active person which helps in relating with patients and their need/desire to get back to normal. Thank you Dr. McCourt and office Ladies!!"


  • "...I hate scheduled exercising. Dr. McCourt made me feel as though he really cared about me and wanted me to get well, and I felt as though I WANTED to exercise. That's quite a skill.  More than the psychological impact, he knew what he was doing. He was pro-active in his treatment, and explained what he was doing without that bored," I'm-giving-you-this-information-because-I-don't-­want-to-get-sued" attitude I see more and more in specialists.  Great place! I've already recommended them to others."


  • "...Dr McCourt and staff are absolutely wonderful!  He knows his trade like the back of his hand.  He did my surgery 6 months ago, released me to return to my job full time without any restrictions, and I'm a happy camper.  Would recommend him to anyone needing a great foot//ankle doctor anytime!  The BEST!!!"

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